Industrial applications

Enter the world of Deforche Engineering, where decades of industry wisdom meets cutting-edge automation. Spanning across multiple sectors like food processing, assembly lines, and quality control, we've set our sights on turning our clients' experiences into state-of-the-art, cost-efficient solutions. From standalone machinery to all-encompassing systems, our mission is to bring your vision to life with unmatched precision.

Food & Fruit

In the realm of food automation, our prowess shines. From perfectly halving avocados to intricately wrapping chocolates, we're all about precision and efficiency.


Handling and assembly lines

The journey from a manual task to a seamless automated process is one we've traveled often, and with excellence. Our custom solutions, designed with intricate client processes in mind, have paved the way for remarkable ROIs and a competitive edge in the market. Proud collaborations with the likes of Picanol, Quadrant, Van Gaeveren, and others stand testament to our expertise in elevating handling and assembly lines across various domains.

For more information concerning how we approach projects, see our different activities below:

Intro image/video about Process analysis

Process analysis

We delve deep into your existing processes to pinpoint areas ripe for automation. Engaging closely with you, we evaluate the viability of potential solutions, taking into account risks and challenges. Our ultimate aim? To empower you to make informed choices, driving efficiency, productivity, and profitability.

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Development & realisation

From concept to commissioning, we’re your partner in creating and enhancing automated processes. Our end-to-end services ensure optimal performance and reliability, enabling you to navigate the modern business landscape confidently.

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In our specialized workshop, we offer premium subcontracting services for the detailed finishing of complex parts. Here, every part undergoes meticulous checks for accuracy and quality. But our services don't end at production. From individual part assemblies to comprehensive system integrations, our adept assembly team is poised to deliver, no matter the complexity or scale.