Intro image/video about Subcontracting
Intro image/video about Subcontracting


In our specialized workshop, we offer premium subcontracting services for the detailed finishing of complex parts. Here, every part undergoes meticulous checks for accuracy and quality. But our services don't end at production. From individual part assemblies to comprehensive system integrations, our adept assembly team is poised to deliver, no matter the complexity or scale.

Our workshop

Subcontracting, when done at Deforche Engineering, is synonymous with precision and unwavering quality. Our fully climatized workshop is a testament to advanced engineering, boasting over 50 cutting-edge machines ranging from lathes and CNC milling machines to polishing equipment. Every tool and piece of equipment has been chosen to craft even the most intricate of parts flawlessly. Behind these machines stand our craftsmen – their vast experience is the heart of our operation. Our quality control isn't just about meeting standards; it's about setting them. From single items to bulk orders, we’re geared to exceed expectations.

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